Dock and background issue

Hi I’ve got somewhat of a peculiar bug.

When I click the application folder in the Dock and type the app name using the keyboard (either arrow marks / letters to select an application or move around, I notice that the app in the background (any app like Finder or Chrome or Excel or anything) types or performs the same action as the keyboard strokes

Attaching a screenshot which may help understanding the issue.

In the screenshot below
I opened the applications folder
I typed “safari” so that I could select the app
Safari is selected in the applications BUT “safari” is also typed in the app behind. Which shouldnt be happening. Right ?

Not sure if TotalFinder is causing this.

I have just tested it here on my (pretty clean) macOS High Sierra system. It works for me here as expected with or without TotalFinder running. Typing safari does not type it into Chrome’s address bar even although it had focus prior opening that “Applications” folders.