Dock moving to Display2

I’m new to TotalSpaces (2 days old)
I use 2 displays, and it has happened a few times already that my dock was missing! until I found it on display2!
I haven’t been able to track down when exactly this happens

  1. I am using 2 displays Each displays
  2. Each display is a separate space
  3. Grids are set to sync

I am not sure what other information would be useful

If anyone can help with this issue… I would really appreciate it!


Maybe this helps:

Apple say: “When the Dock is configured to appear at the bottom of your screen, it’s available on whichever screen you’re working on. Just move your pointer to the bottom of either display. When the Dock is configured for the left or right position, it appears on the leftmost or rightmost display edge.”

“Tip: If you don’t see your dock because it’s set to hidden or there’s a full screen app on the display, move your pointer to the location of the Dock. If the Dock still doesn’t appear, swipe your pointer towards the Dock again to unhide it.”

(see here

Hi Stephen, thanks for your reply
This does help… For some reason its not consistent, meaning sometimes it doesnt bring the dock there the first second and third times… but this is obviously not to TS issue
(Interesting enough though, that I’ve been working on Mac for 2 years now with these 2 monitors and never had this issue! Maybe its because I never had set each display to its own space?)

Anyway, everything is ok now
Thanks a lot