Does anyone use Bartender

Just wondering if anyone who uses Bartender has found a way to get the TotalFinder icon to sit in the Bartender tray. Right now it is the only app I have that sits outside and Bartender doesn’t seem to see it.

That’s strange. I use Bartender and the TF icon behaves nicely. It sits in the tray like all the rest. Not sure what could be different about out setups…

FWIW, I’m using Bartender 2.1.6 and TF 1.80 on Sierra 10.12.1 Beta (16B2327e).

Ditto, TF 1.8.1 , OS 10.12.1 beta and the visor in the Barternder 2.1.6 bar.

Hi Guys,

I’m on a very similar setup. TF 1.8, Bartender 2.1.6, but final version of Sierra (wonder if that makes a difference). My TF icon is just sitting outside the Bartender icon (I use the ellipsis):

When I go into Bartender to see if I can hide it, TF doesn’t show up anywhere. It’s strange.

Am I missing something?


@Joshua_Gordon So I just opened up my Bartender prefs again and remembered something: in the list on the left of the pref pane, look for Finder , not TotalFinder. As I understand it, TotalFinder is not strictly speaking a separate program, but code injected into Apple’s Finder itself; since that’s the case, TF doesn’t always show up on its own in the prefs for other programs like Bartender.

Anyway, maybe it’s worth a try.

Yes, THIS!

Thanks - I was of course looking for TotalFinder and tried what you just noted earlier this afternoon. That did that trick. It was “Finder” not “TotalFinder”.

Appreciate the tip!


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