Does TS-3 work on a MacbookPro M1 computer with the Ventura OS?

I just acquired a MacBook Pro M1 computer with the Ventura operating system. I previously used TS2 with the Catalina OS where it worked well. But I have been having trouble activating TS-3 with Ventura OS. Are they compatible?
I read somewhere that one does not need to turn off SIP with TS-3. Is that right?
Would appreciate some help. Thanks!

I am running TS3 on a MacBook Air M1. It does work but crashes quite often, especially after closing a fullscreen window. It is hardly usable any more.
I am now trying to make friends with stage manger and Mission Control.
No need to turn off SIP.

It works pretty well with Monterey. I will probably hold off upgrading to Ventura.