Don't hide when Alfred is triggered / Incompatible with Alfred

I recently switched from Quicksilver to Alfred, and Alfred and TT are fighting a bit. And I need TT way more than I need Alfred.

Alfred takes the keyboard focus, which causes TT to hide so that whatever happens with Alfred doesn’t happen in TT (eg, enter text, paste from clipboard history, etc). QS didn’t have this effect (no keyboard focus).

I’ve brought this up with the Alfred Dev, and he suggested that TT be updated instead (taking the keyboard focus is a thing that Alfred won’t change). Would it be possible for TT to not hide if Alfred is the app that steals the focus? Or to specify a list of apps that won’t cause TT to slide away when they take focus? Or…?

I love love love TT (been using since first version of Visor), I greatly appreciate your work.

I know what you mean about Alfred stealing focus from TT (I use both), but am wondering what scenario would specifically require you to use Alfred with TT focused. For example, if TT has focus and I call up Alfred’s clipboard manager, anything I select will be pasted back into TT automatically; that is, TT will regain focus. Is this the kind of thing you want to do?

It is, but that flow doesn’t work for me. When I select something from the clipboard menu, it isn’t pasted into the now hidden TT, I get the “beep” of “you can’t do that” from the OS. I’m on 10.7.5 what are you using?

Huh. It’s not working any more. I’m on 10.9, but it used to work recently, so I don’t know if it’s due to a setting I’ve changed, or something in the new version of TT. I’ll look into it and see if I can get it working again.

Awesome, thanks.

@blgethan I am having the same issue where TT and alfred are not working together. Activation on both are totally separate but still having issues

I have TT set to ctlr + ctrl and Alfred set to alt + space and TT activates. I then set TT to alt+alt and Alfred to ctlr+ctlr and they both come up and Alfred goes away…

Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks :smile: