Double click on volume opens in separate window, not in tab (1.5.34)


I’ve just installed 1.5.34. When I double click on a volume icon (SMB mounted filesystem or the system disk), a new window opens instead of a new tab in my existing Finder window.


Aha, this must be the new code detecting DMG files. I wasn’t able to test all possible scenarios, so this got included too. I will try to fix it for the next release. Thanks for reporting.

Yep, another bug. When I open a shortcut to a folder from my desktop, no more tabs. I also noticed that she I tried to go into the preferences and play with tab settings, TotalFinder crashes, gone, I have to re-launch. I tried setting “Use narrow Tab bar”, just to see what it would do, and now I cannot un-check it. Every time I do, TF crashes and re-launch. You guys have a great product, please be careful with willy-nilly changes!

Yes, that crashing is pretty serious. I have to investigate and fix it tomorrow.

Ok, it is not that serious. It crashes only when you actively try to switch that setting.

You can toggle it from command line and restart Finder+TotalFinder:

defaults write TotalFinderNarrowTabsBar -bool false

defaults write TotalFinderNarrowTabsBar -bool true

Ok, version 1.5.35 has reverted this broken DMG detection. I’ll have to figure out more robust way how to detect opening DMG files and test it properly.