Double-clicking folder in Spotlight does not show it in TF when the folder is already open in the visor

I have two finder windows open with several tabs. I have the visor active, but not visible, with 5 tabs.

I double-click on a folder in Spotlight. Nothing happens.

When I check all my TF windows, I notice that this folder was already open in the visor. Understandably, the folder does not open in a new tab in any of the other windows. But the visor does not become visible, so nothing actually happens.

In such a case, I would expect the visor to pop up, showing me the window that had been open already.
Alternatively, I don’t mind the folder being opening in one of the regular windows.

Could you fix this, please? Thanks a lot!
Good luck on your work keeping Totalfinder working on Yosemite. It must be a big job. Much appreciated!

Kind regards,