Double-Clicking Tab for Dual Mode Not Working - Command-U Works But Opens Wrong Window

Hello. I am having problems with Dual Mode, and a few related issues.

I am currently running TotalFinder 1.6.14 under the public release version of Yosemite 10.10 – that is, build 14A389 – on a late 2009 27" iMac.

I normally have about 16 tabs open in the Finder window, which I keep on the lower portion of my screen. This is my regular workflow, being as I am constantly accessing something in one of these tabs throughout the day.

According to your Dual Mode page, “You may enter dual mode by double-clicking a tab or pressing ⌘U.”

While double-clicking a tab used to connect it to the tab which is located just to the right of it in earlier versions of TotalFinder, this no longer happens. In fact, nothing happens. This is one reason why I stopped using TotalFinder for a while. In other words, being as Apple introduced tabbed windows with Mavericks, I no longer saw the need to keep using TotalFinder since double-clicking a tab stopped working for me.

However, command-u does create dual panes, but it does not behave the way that it is supposed to.

Instead of connecting the currently-selected tab to the tab which is located just to the right of it, command-u will open a window/pane on the left side of my screen which contains all 16 of my currently open tabs – which I can scroll through left or right. Also, the currently-selected tab will still be selected when the left-side window/pane opens, which is what I would expect to happen.

However, the right-side window/pane is not the next tab over as it should be. Instead, what I discovered through experimentation, is that command-u will open the right-side window/pane to whatever I have the “New Finder windows show” option set to on the “General” tab in the “Finder Preferences” window. If I change that setting to something else, then that is the window that opens on the right side when I use command-u.

So how do I fix my settings in order to correct the behavior of command-u, so that it will open and connect the proper tab with the left side of the window/pane, instead of what is selected in the “New Finder windows show” option?

Also, why isn’t double-clicking a tab working either as it used to?

On a related note, to add to this mysterious behavior, when I do use command-u, double-clicking on one of the two connected tabs – even though it is the wrong connected tab – does connect or disconnect them. So why doesn’t double-clicking a tab work when I am in a regular tabbed window?

To reiterate, the main issues again that I am experiencing are:

  1. Double-clicking a tab is not activating Dual Mode; only command-u is.

  2. Dual Mode is not opening to the correct tab – that is, to the next tab to the right – as it should.

I apologize for making this so long, but I wanted to make sure that you understood exactly what is happening. I was going to include an image, but I consider it bad security for obvious reasons.

Sometimes a picture is worth thousand words.

I’m afraid your workflow is mixing standard Finder tabs (I call them “native tabs”) with TotalFinder’s tabs (Chrome-style).

It is by design that Finder window with multiple native tabs acts as a single window for TotalFinder. TotalFinder does not attempt to break native tabs into individual Finder windows and then adopt them as TotalFinder tabs to participate in dual mode.

This all has pretty deep technical reasons. I assume users either use TotalFinder tabs only or use native tabs only with TotalFinder’s tabs disabled in preferences (they lose dual mode functionality and visor functionality). Mixing both systems is possible, but tricky.

Here’s a pic of what happens when I click NEW TAB:

No New Tab, just new window. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks ahead,