Dropbox not refreshing file dates & times

I am on the latest TotalFinder on OS X 10.10.5, but I have had to stop using it, since it has caused me so many problems with Dropbox and not refreshing the date/time stamp.

I do not see the date/time stamps refresh unless I kill finder and restart TotalFinder. So I think I do not have the latest version of a file and initiate conversations with my team. It took me some time to realize that TotalFinder could be the culprit, and when I uninstalled TotalFinder, the problem went away!

I use Dropbox to coordinate between several people on a web team, and that timestamp is critical to our job. I do so much love the many features of TotalFinder (I am on the paid version, 1.7.1) but I must uninstall and get used to the crappy Mac native Finder. So sad.