Dual panel mode file copy

Is there a hotkey to copy a file from panel to panel (like F5 in Far/DN/NC/TC)?

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Related question: is there a hotkey to change focus between panels?

No and Yes.

  1. OPT+TAB

F5/F6 - like functionality would be more difficult to make it work properly in various Finder modes. But it is something I would like to consider implementing in the future.


Ok, then we need 4 actions: cmd+c, opt+tab, cmd+v, opt+tab to make “F5” action %-(. Hope it’ll soon change…

It would be nice and very useful to have a shortcut for this!
Hope it happen soon!
Thank you!

I’d like to chime in on support for the copy/move to opposite window functionality. This is the one other thing I miss from *nix Commander tool.

Looking forward to having a copy-to-the-other-panel command, as this is one of the things I miss the most, comparing to the older “commander” file managers.

Is it possible to implement it in any of the finder modes ATM? To me personally, it would be enough to have it in the list mode.

Keep up for the good work!