El Capitan latest update not refreshing

So I have the latest El Capitan and Total Finder installed and finder windows don’t seem to Refresh correctly. I have to either cloes the window or change views for the file to show up. Also, sometimes files/folders will show double in the finder window… help!

Unfortunately the occasional doubling of files in List View is caused by Folders on Top feature. A workaround is to switch to another folder and then go back (e.g. CMD+UP, CMD+[).

Folders-on-top feature is no longer available in Sierra version of TotalFinder because Finder implemented their own way how to sort folders first (in list view) and that effectively make the issue irrelevant. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I was unable to fix this issue and now I need to focus on future compatibility.

Shortly after Sierra came out you wrote that you will try to improve the Folders on Top feature that Apple implemented only halfways. What is the current status of your work - did you succeed?

I’m sorry I did not succeed. The problem is that Apple developers writing Finder started using more modern techniques. For example they pass around Objective-C blocks, they do more C++ code and work with STL containers. The issue is that it is much harder to reverse-engineer and hook my own code in there.

I’m afraid this will make it much harder for me to maintain existing features (in general). They usually don’t rewrite stuff if they don’t need to, but if they decide to touch/rewrite some parts of the Finder they likely rewrite it in more modern style, e.g using Swift language…

What a pity - would’ve been nice to have a decent folder on top functionality… Thank you very much for your explanation - so let’s hope that Apple product management does not concentrate on other total finder functionality to implement it halfways.