ElCap+ TF 1.11.4 = biiiiig Finder winfows

I’ve been using TF on an MBP 13in 2009 (with that wonderful little 1280 x 800 LCD) and had been on TotalFinder 1.9.3 for a while. I like to use two windows in Finder, one above the other, and TF 1.9 is quite happy with that (see the first picture).

I upgraded the Mac-top to El Cap, and got a prompt to update my TotalFinder to 1.11.4, which I did. Unfortunately, something’s gone screwy because it now imposes a minimum height for Finder windows of (I’m guessing) about 500 pixels high. No matter what I do, I cannot shrink the height of Finder windows any more (see second picture).

I uninstalled, tracked down all the stray binaryage & totalfinder prefs & things, then reinstalled 1.9.3 and I can once again make Finder windows so teensy-tinesy-thin that they’re unusable … but I have my two stacked windows back.

Methings thar be a spanner-wieldin’ gremlin in th’ boiler room, cap’n!