Enhancement Request: Solution for 2ndary windows

This might be a generic OSX issue. When I copy a large number of files, a window appears that shows the progress. Same for trashing or emptying a large number of files.

These windows sometimes prevent me from returning to the main TotalFinder window, because they appear on other desktops. When I switch to TotalFinder, I instead go to a desktop where only the Copy Progress window is visible.

When I select the correct window in TotalFinder from the menu and then select the Copy Progress window, it appears on the same desktop as TotalFinder (fullscreen).

Would it be possible to have those little progress windows tight to the desktop where the main window runs? If full-screen, that would mean the Copy Progress window would also only be visible in the full-screen “desktop”.

If there are restrictions in OSX regarding these little windows in such a way that you cannot tie them to a single desktop, would it be possible to introduce a section at the bottom of the sidebar where these progress bars are visible, just like the Mail app has for mail progress?

Example from Mail

This window issue keeps me from using full-screen and I have been longing to get full screen for TotalFinder for so long!