Enhancement: resized visor width should be sticky

I use the visor window in TotalFinder all the time. The Visor’s height is sticky, it’s width should be sticky too. By ‘sticky’ I mean if you set the width of the visor, then toggle the visor down/up when it comes back up it should be remember the width you set it to. The way it works now it automatically expands to the width of your monitor.

This feature would be useful to me since I use a sapphire Vid2x to connect 2 external displays to my mbp. The Vid2x makes my mac think one extremely wide monitor is connected (3840x1080). When I activate the visor I get a 3840 pixel wide visor every time. It’d be nice to have the visor remember it’s width so it would consume only part of that width so it obscured less of my desktop.

@alukasik have you tried ticking the “Free Form Window” option in the Visor section of the TF preference window? With this option checked, you can set the height and width of the Visor to be whatever you’d like. I use it all the time with a two-screen setup and it works well.

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