Enlarged en wider "Save As" field in the Open&Save dialog

I’m desperate looking for Extended or enlarged/wider “Save As” input field in the Open&Save dialog, and i think many users would love…

Would be Freaking Awesome

Thanks in Advance!

This is a good one. But unfortunately it is not something I could do easily.

TotalFinder works by injecting my code into the Finder.app process. That way I’m able to modify the functionality of Finder.

You request a system-wide modification of “Open/Save” dialogs. That would require a code injection into every possible running app in the system. Because standard Open/Save dialogs are implemented in a system library which gets linked into every running GUI process. It looks like Finder but technically it is a different code.

I’m sorry. btw. This is also the reason why TotalFinder features like “Folders on Top” do not work in standard Open/Save dialogs.

unfortunate… but thx for keeping up the pace in General with TotalFinder
Many thx to the team

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