Expose adjustments

First of all, I would like to thank you for making the requested feature for a mouse button to trigger Expose. It is incredibly helpful and I have been using it quite a bit though it was not quite like space/expose used to be on Apple. I was wondering if it could be simulated to be a bit more like it by giving it two different states.

1 - When the Expose button is clicked while on a particular desktop, it shows all windows/programs open WITHOUT forcing it into the overview mode to see all spaces/desktops. This will help to toggle what you want to get to by seeing it large and clear without having to try to differential the small icons while seeing all desktops.

2 - While in overview mode of all spaces/desktops, expose button can be pressed to then show all programs/windows.

So basically a separation of the one button to not activate spaces but to simply activate the expose showing all windows. I don’t think I’ve ever had a need for it to do both things at the same time which is one of the reasons I really dislike Mission Control.

Thanks so much for your help. Love love love this program and the customer support that goes with it!


The main reason single desktop expose hasn’t been a priority is that Mission Control covers the ground. But I have had quite a few requests for the feature, so I am indeed considering how it could be done.


unfortunately I was forced to upgrade my rockstable Snowleopard to Mavericks due to several reasons. Now I’m really unhappy to see what Apple has done with the good old Expose and Spaces. So I was glad that I’ve found TotalSpaces.

But I still miss some features of the old Leopard Spaces and Expose. I’ve liked to switch my windows/apps with Expose (without to open the spaces grid view - expose for just the active space). Are there any news about this feature?
Mission Control ist not really an good alternative, because it uses to much space to show also the active spaces.

Another nice feature would be to get a mousehover window title information of the current hovered window in Expose like the old Leopard Expose.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

Single desktop expose was implemented v2.2.19, I recommend you try it.