Feature Request: Ability to Close or Manipulate Windows in Overview

I searched the forum for this but couldn’t find anything related.

What about having the ability to manipulate windows while in overview mode?

One very helpful addition would be having the ability to close the window under cursor with a modifier key. Possibly simple implementation in terms of UI design as well…

An more complex killer option would be having the ability to select multiple windows in overview mode. This would require a more complex UI development though; I can see that. But the addition of multiple window selection and manipulation would give us the ability to:

A. move windows in different spaces in to an existing space (mass migration)
B. select multiple windows and move them to a new space to be created on the spot (merger & acquisition)
C. simultaneously close windows in different spaces (mass murder)

[I’m having way too much fun with these short names :)]

In terms of multiple window selection UI, you could designate a toggle spot in the overview mode to activate the multiple window selection state. Once that state has been toggled on, we would make the selection with, well single clicks even. Once selection is complete, we would hit something like a √ to accept the selection, or click on an x (or the toggle once more) to just exit the selection state without manipulating those windows at all. If we were to accept the selection; we would be presented with an action-list that contains the above listed ABC items.

If we had selected A, we would need to point to a space, and the windows would move en mass to the selected space. If we had selected B, we would be presented with a space creation dialog, and make and accept our choices to see all the windows merge into that new space we created. If we had selected C, we would see the selected windows disappear into oblivion.

Anyhow. I had tried TS during it’s 1.x times and frankly found it not very exciting. However; I’m in love with your 2.x version and this is only after using it for a couple of hours that I’m writing down these suggestions! Kudos to the team that is behind TS!


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Hi, thanks for the suggestions.

Closing windows - there is some chance that a dialog would be thrown before the window could be closed, which may be a problem. I’d have to check what APIs there are for it anyway.

Migration and M&A - I like the ideas - getting the UI right may be tricky as you rightly point out.

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Your welcome!

Good catch about a possible dialog! It might be worth checking out the APIs for this end…

And on second thought; migration and M&A would not be very frequently used features so I’m not sure it would be worth your development time. I’ve put it out there though! Maybe it’ll inspire you or someone in the community in some way…

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Just adding my $0.02 to this topic. I spend a fair bit of time moving windows around in the overview and would love it if … zoom with shift … Oh this window can go … “close it”. I get the impact of a dialog box - curious if you’ve tried it and what your thoughts are a year and a half later. Love TS too - you’re a great developer! :slightly_smiling: