Feature Request - Animation for Overview Grid

It’d be very useful if whenever I press Overview Grid hotkey, it opens with an animation, say zoom out animation. Will be much easier on eyes.

This feature exists in TotalSpaces 1.2.9. Which version are you using?

I’m using 1.2.9 Trial Version. However, it does not play animation on pressing the hotkeys mentioned in “Preferences > Overview grid > Hotkey” or “Preferences > Overview grid > Instant expose”. Grid view opens, but without animation.

Preferences -> General -> Zoom to overview grid animation
But it’s not quite smooth, especially the animation of leaving the overview grid. Then again, neither is the 10.7-10.9 space change animation, so…

duly noted, thanks all!

stephen is doing a MAJOR overhaul of TotalSpaces in anticipation of Mavericks so I think you’ll find your animation issues eliminated in the near future.

Thanks mike, yes we are looking at the overview grid animation. There is a lot for the GPU to be doing at this point, so it is pretty challenging, but we are working on it.