Feature request: Cmd+tab to empty finder should activate Visor

If I click the Finder icon from the dock, visor in TotalFinder will be activated, but when I cmd+tab to the Finder icon (and I have no other windows opened except for the visor), than nothing happens. I wish TotalFinder would show the visor when I cmd+tab to Finder. Xtrafinder does this and it helps the flow when I switch between applications.

Looked at the code. Visor should slide up when doing CMD+TAB. But this is enabled only if Visor window is the only TotalFinder window in the system. I don’t know why I have that condition there, but it has some reason behind it.

Also assuming you have not set a hidden tweak called TotalFinderDontAutoSlideVisor:

If you are suggesting that Visor should open if I have no other windows in Finder and I haven’t set TotalFinderDontAutoSlideVisor to YES, then it is not working here.

What is your system version? I have tested it under my Yosemite dev machine and it works here.

By Visor Window I mean that sliding window which has only blue dot instead of classic traffic control buttons. You may have there one or more tabs. This window must be the only TotalFinder window in whole system, all spaces, no TotalFinder windows should be minimised or hidden.

This is a screen recording of my environment: http://d.pr/v/1lTyk/5XFyCMSO
When the Visor appears, I am typign alt+<.