Feature Request: Color Labels!

With the new OSX Mavericks, apple decided to go from Color Labels to Tags. These tags are helpful to some but not to everyone. I relied a lot on Color Labels with previous versions of OSX but am having difficulties with these tags, mainly because it’s hard to see them and more time consuming.

Please implement a feature to have the ability to turn on Color Labels in Finder like in previous versions of OSX.

Thanks, Greg.

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I support Greg on the new feature proposal. The current color dots draw little attention to the file or folders that have them. I don’t know what should be the behavior of a multi-labeled element, maybe for simplicity it could be colored with the first color in the list since it seems that on Mavericks the order of addition of labels is preserved. Any other ideas about it?

This is on my TODO list. I have to fix all quirks in recent releases and then I’m going to implement it.

Please follow this thread for updates:


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad this issue made it to “TODO”!

Coloring labels was the #1 reason I switched from PC to Mac world. Thinking in color works so much faster for my brain than reading the words. I will quit kevetching and try on some patience.


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I always found the colour labels a bit overwhelming. But I agree the current dot system doesn’t work very well. I think putting the dots to the LEFT of the item would solve the problem, and make it much easier to associate which dot goes with which file.