Feature Request: Dark Mode

ForkLift3, OmniFocus 2 have Dark Mode like a year or more. It looks great and IMHO readability increases 2 - 3 times. I must say that lack of Dark Mode in Apple Finder and especially TotalFinder astounds me: dont’ you guys see that Finder/TotalFinder looks a little bit vintage when one have macos in Dark Mode, a dark Desktop Picture or HazeOver. Would’t it be nice if it has this looks. It will hurt my eyes less definitely. For this kind of update i will pay once again :D.


This is BEAUTIFUL ! Thumbs up for this feature request

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I also would be happy about this.

Before you get this accusing tone of voice (“don´t you guys…”), think about that this is not a single piece of software like your examples. This is a extension of finder, not a remake. So they maybe have no control about the theme or it starts to get unstable. It would be great to get more information about this.

I like the dark look, but the icons in the sidebar should still be in full colour. Before I got TotalFinder, I was using Xtrafinder, which had a dark mode.

I would love to have dark mode too. Since Mac OS Mojave has dark mode already, it should be a must for Total Finder to have dark mode, otherwise many people will leave it, including me.

You needed Apple to implement dark mode in Finder and I would then follow with TotalFinder UI elements. Good news is that macOS 10.14 Mojave has Dark Mode support in Finder. So I will adapt TotalFinder accordingly.