Feature Request - Drag and drop fullscreen arrangement


I have been getting into fullscreen apps, but i don’t ever use more than one because TS insists that they must always be horizontally side by side. What i would like is to have a 2 x 8 grid composed of 6 (2x6) regular desktops and the rightmost 2 (2x1) being reserved for fullscreen. Of maybe have 6 regulars and a full screen on either side, or above even. The point is, i would like to have a greater degree of control when it comes to the layout of the spaces. Specifically, it would be very nice to drag and drop the fullscreen reserved ones into various spots (and possibly not even adjacent).

We agree. TotalSpaces will have a flexible grid in the next release for OSX 10.9 (when available).

I agree - the current implementation of fullscreen apps has some usability issues. For me, its a serious problem I cannot bind specific fullscreen apps to a fixed space. I don’t mind having a separate bit of the screen for the fullscreen apps but please let me fix which apps go where. Currently, depending on which app I start full screen first, they move around. And I cannot name fullscreen spaces, which makes it even worse. This is the main reason I did not buy TotalSpaces yet.

Another annoyance is unlike Snow Leopard spaces I cannot move entire windows from one space to another. Pretty annoying when trying to organise work.

Naming spaces is cumbersome and not typical Apple simplicity - can you not come up with a way to do it directly from the overview?

Thanks for an otherwise great app although the fullscreen ‘shuffling’ is currently preventing me buy.

In TotalSpaces2 (Mavericks) you will be able to drag fullscreen apps to where you want them in the overview grid.

Full screen app pinning is something we are planning to add shortly.