Feature Request: make app-switcher respect spaces

I am not sure if this is even possible, but here it is:

Can TotalSpaces (or TotalFinder, or some new app) make it such that the entries in my task-switcher (or whatever you call the thing that comes up with cmd+tab) are only the apps available to that space?

So if I am in space A with no open apps, and I press cmd+tab, nothing will show up. It won’t matter that Browser is open in space B or anything else…

Thanks for your awesome work on TotalSpaces

Hi @tgm,

Have you tried HyperSwitch? It’s free and it will do exactly what you’re looking for. I like it since I can use one shortcut to summon the vanilla app switcher (to see all apps) and a different shortcut to see the apps on the active space (via HyperSwitch).

I use Witch (http://manytricks.com/witch/).
There’s a preference that controls whether or not windows from all spaces are shown.