Feature request: New window mode


I’n a long time user of TotalTerminal, having used it since it was known as Visor. It’s great and does the job nicely; it makes the need for third-party Terminal applications like iTerm unnecessary. I’ve recently changed my work setup to include a 27" 2560x1440 display. TotalTerminal still works great, but it now feels awkward to have the terminal span the screen width or be pinned to an edge.

What I’d love is the option to have a freeform terminal window pop up in the middle of the screen, Yosemite Spotlight/Alfred/Quicksilver style. That way, the window is far more likely to be in my immediate field of vision when summoning it on my 27" display. Bonus points if it can be styled similarly to Yosmite’s Spotlight window (rounded corners).