Feature Request: Options for moving spaces in Overview Grid


I love that we can drag spaces in the Overview Grid to rearrange them, but when I do so, the iPhone-style grid rearrangement messes up my grid by shifting all spaces after my insertion point.

It would be awesome to have an option that makes space arrangement like it was in Spaces from OS X 10.6: Dropping a space onto a position on the grid moves the space that’s there to the dropped space’s initial position. So the two spaces are swapped upon dropping.

The setting could be under Hotkeys -> Overview Grid, called “Space rearrangement method” and options could be titled something like this:

  • Shift spaces [Default]
  • Swap spaces

Please let me know if my description is unclear, or if you have any questions.

Many thanks to BinaryAge for their awesome work!!

Hi, it’s clear, and thanks for the suggestion.

Every preference reduces simplicity, adds to testing burden and opportunity for bugs, so I’m a little resistant to something like this unless there is good popular support.

Gotcha. Thank you for your consideration and response! :smiley:

To me this is a very important feature. Coming from 10.6 I used this all of the time and was completely surprised to not have it work this way out of the box. Without this functionality there is no way to actually have control over the space and rearrange the spaces to your desired specifications. The only other option is to move all of the application windows inside the space to get things to line up the way you want - not a smooth solution. I rearrange spaces regularly to manage workflow and this adds a lot of extra steps (and time) to managing a constantly evolving workspace. Since everything else about Total Spaces 2 is great, it would be really nice to have this original functionality back. A simple toggle switch or checkbox between these two behaviors would be a simple and much appreciated solution to taking care of this.

Thanks for the good work :smile:

I’m thinking that dragging with the alt key down could do this. I’ve added it to my backlog.