Feature Request Regarding Zipping Files

It seems that starting with MacOS Sierra, when you compress a folder into a zip file, the Finder opens a new Finder window to show you the zipped file.

This can be annoying if you zip files often.

Could an option in Total Finder be added to prevent this new window from being opened when I zip file is created?

How do you compress those folders exactly?

Under my macOS High Sierra, when in List View and I right-click a folder and select “Compress …”, the zip file appears in the same view and gets focused. No new tabs of windows get opened.

I usually right click the folder in Columns View and choose “Compress”. A new window appears now.

I can post a video later today.

Ah, you are right. In Column View it opens a new Finder window.

I don’t really want to implement this because it sounds tricky to detect this special case. How do I know that a new Finder window which is being opened was triggered by this “compression” action? Maybe you could just use List View for these compression tasks? Or maybe do it via Terminal instead?

I understand. I didin’t realize that only the column view did this. I always use column view and do lots of file zipping so I guess I’ll just learn to work around it.

It must be something new with MacOS because I don’t remember this in El Capitan and earlier.