Feature Request - Show Window Name in Overview Grid

I have a lot of similar looking windows. I am not always 100% sure that I am grabbing the right window while in the Overview Grid. To avoid this I need to toggle between Overview and looking at a specific space to confirm I’ve got the right window.

It would be really nice to have the name of selected window, that I’m moving to another space, display in the middle of the screen.


I understand this request, and we’ve thought about doing window names.

One thing you can do in the mean time is to press shift when hovering over a window in the overview grid to see a zoom of it, I find this helps to identify them,


Thanks for the tip! I found it because I was checking if the feature request had been made, otherwise I would have made it because of similar needs (in my case, I have to keep a lot of different text windows open, which I work in in the same session).

The shift-trick is already very useful, but seeing the name immediately would still be more efficient for myself.

If I may add this, the Apple approach of adding the app icon to the window in mission control (although not indispensable if you know your windows well and if you only have a limited number open) allows your brain to very quickly “navigate” through these windows. I wonder if this might be another useful addition to your programme ?

Thanks for having brought spaces back to MacOS… and even made it better on some levels (configurability, …).

Have you addressed this request yet? I agree - Because I often have multiple files of the same app open in different spaces, it is hard to see which one is which when they are small. I’d REALLY like to be able to see the name of each file that I can see in Expose? I’d like to be able to mouse over the file’s thumbnail and have the filename show up.

Hovering over window in the overview grid to display it’s title may be possible, I’ll consider.

If it helps, you can see the window names in the Single Desktop Exposé mode - this feature is present in recent builds of TotalSpaces2. (v2.2.20 is the latest at this point http://downloads.binaryage.com/TotalSpaces2-2.2.20.dmg )