Feature request: transitions follow layout

Hopefully this is the correct place for a feature request.

Short description:
Suppose you have 4 spaces in 2 rows and 2 columns.
When switching from space 1 to space 2, the transition moves from right to left, as expected.
3 -> 4 transition is right to left, as expected.
1 -> 3 transition is bottom to top, as expected.
2 -> 4 transition is bottom to top, as expected.
The reverse of those are also true, as expected.

However, when moving to a space on the diagonal, while the notification graph shows that we’re moving to a space on the diagonal, the transition is still left to right or right to left rather than diagonal.

Can the transition to diagonal spaces be made to move diagonally? (FWIW, OS X 10.6 worked this way)

Why it matters:
Feedback being representative of the action taken. If I want to quickly go to space 3 from space 2, I’ll hot-key (command-right, in my case) to do so which brings me to space 3 (diagonal to space 2), but the transition makes me think I’ve moved from 1 to 2 or from 3 to 4. I need to then take an extra second to double-check that I’m in the space I expect to be. If the transition were to move “correctly” with the layout of the space, then that second-guessing wouldn’t be necessary.

Thank you.


I agree that diagonal transitions are desirable.

This is hard to do for many of the transitions types, but it may be possible to do something for the slide transition type - I shall be looking at this.

Another transition issue (slide transition): When dragging a window across spaces in a 2x2 configuration, the window animation is irregular, and different from cycling through the spaces:

From Space 1 to Space 2 the background moves from right to left (as it should), but from Space 2 to Space 3 it moves from left to right, then again right to left from 3 to 4.

Hi, I agree that’s inconsistent. When you are dragging in a particular direction, the animation should go that way.

I will see if this can be fixed.

Hi there, the lack of diagonal swipe on wraparound is the only thing standing between me and a license.

Hi, it’s been something I’ve looked at. It was not simple, but I’d still like to do it. Sorry I don’t have a time estimate though.