Feature Request: View image sequence as one file

Something that would be be great for many who works in the video industry and 3D animation.

Instead of showing hundreds of image files, give an option to view them as one with the sequence number behind it. (0 - 253)

Not even sure if this is possible but…

This is too specific for your use case. I don’t think it is worth making Finder/TotalFinder more complex.

Anyway thanks for the suggestion.

I know it’s been a while this thread is dead, but I would second this request. I would then personally promote TotalFinder in my circle if it was implemented :slight_smile:


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Yeah, I believe this is something everyone working with this would love and buy the software only because of it. I would definitely tweet it. :slight_smile: Imagine it being posted on Lesterbanks.com and mograph circles!