Feature request:

I don’t know how hard it would be to implement, but I would find it VERY useful to be able to have specific windows in an app appear in all spaces, while the rest behave normally.

The use case is that I use a lot of terminal windows and while waiting things in specific terminal windows (e.g. consoles) I want to go to other spaces to interact with the windows there, but I want specific windows to “follow me” - i.e. appear on every desktop. I don’t want all the windows for the app to follow me.

The next step from there would be to have a hotkey selection to enable and disable this feature for whatever window has focus.


You could probably do something like this using the TotalSpaces2 API.

You can use the C api if you don’t like ruby

share my Alfred workflow, the window you want will move to current space when you type the app name

require ‘totalspaces2’

def alfred_move_windows(appname)
current_space = TotalSpaces2.current_space
windows = TotalSpaces2.window_list
wx = 0
wxy = 0
if !windows.empty?
wx = wx + 1
if window[:app_name].downcase =~/#{appname}/
window[:window_id], current_space)
## Set the first window front
if wxy == 0
wxy = wx - 1
wxy = nil
sleep 0.5

$LOAD_PATH << '.'

Thanks for the replies Stephen and duoer1982, I’ll do some experimenting and see what pans out. I didn’t know there was an API!