Feature: Tabs as columns in TotalTerminal would PERFECT this app

I wish I could praise the developers enough for this simple wonderful app.

What would make it perfect would be multiple side-by-side terminal sessions. Especially useful on large screens.

Anyway, I know it’s super unlikely because you guys aren’t actively working on this product anymore, but I would buy it.

Wish this was OSS so I could add the feature myself!



Hi Phil,

Are you asking for vertical splitting? iTerm2 has that feature and it works pretty well.

But iTerm doesn’t have the visor functionality. That’s the feature I get a lot of value from.

iTerm2 has Visor-like functionality. They call it hotkey window:

I’m using it right now. That is why I stopped TotalTerminal development.

Oh wow, didn’t realise that! Haha, thanks for the tip.