File names are blurry

When i click on a file, all names go blurry. Is this a setting that i can fix?

I assume you are using non-retina machine with latest Mavericks.

From the screenshot it looks like normal behaviour, the white-on-blue text seems to be more blurry than black-on-white.

Have you tried to make the same screenshot with the same view using basic Finder?

I replied via email but it doesn’t look like it made it in here. Sorry! This is what i said.

Sorry i didn’t provide more information. I am a software dev, i should of known better, very noobish. Its a macbook pro 15in retina, but the screenshot was on the thunderbolt so yes, not retina and yes to Mavericks.

Maybe its hard to see from the screenshot, but it is very blurry. all of it. Also, this only happens to the finder that is opened with visor. If i open a total finder normally, its not blurry.

Lastly, it is only blurry once i click anything. When the visor first opens nothing is blurry. Then each time i click the texts re focuses and everything goes blurry.

Default finder never looks like this

With all of that being said i just looked at it right now and its not being blurry at all. I hadn’t restarted my computer in a week or month, no idea. maybe it was getting tired lol. Thanks for taking some time, sorry i wasted it. I am glad it works, i love the total line. Especially the terminal.

Side question, will they ever make it so the finder visor could be on top?

Hmm. For smooth sliding I take screenshots of Finder windows and use them as static background for the brief time Visor window is sliding up/down. This sounds like screenshots are low-res and stay on top real Finder until you click something.

I have to investigate this possibility.

Ok cool, thanks for looking into it. I wish i could help, ever since i restarted my computer it will not do the re focus blurriness any more. Not sure how to reproduce it. Non reproducible bugs are always the most fun : )