File “.TotalFinder.lock” impossible to permanently delete

Hello, I have had a TotalFinder license for years. I installed it and then uninstalled it in Mac OS Big Sur.
I would like to know how to permanently delete the “.TotalFinder.lock” file located in home/Librairy/Application Support? I keep deleting it by hand, but it always comes back! …
Thank you for your quick feedback … :neutral_face:

Bonjour, je possède une licence de TotalFinder depuis des années. Je l’ai installé, puis désinstallé sous Mac OS Big Sur.
J’aimerai savoir comment supprimer définitivement le fichier “.TotalFinder.lock” qui se trouve dans home/Librairy/Application Support ? Je n’arrête pas de le supprimer à la main, mais il revient toujours !..
Merci pour votre rapide retour … :neutral_face:

Have you really properly uninstalled it using the uninstaller? The lock file is present when is TotalFinder running inside Finder.

You should be able to delete it in

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/.TotalFinder.lock