Finder crashing when I try to open webloc in Finder window

Finder crashes when I try to load safari webloc from TotalFinder window. The same thing happens trying to open webloc from Finder window after the crash. Crash report is prepared but it says “unable to upload crash report to”. I attach a screenshot of the crash report:

Strangely the webloc will open if I clock directly on the icon on the desktop, but not from within a Finder window.

Sierra 10.12.6
Safari 12.0

It looks like your ruby installation has trouble to upload the crash report. Could you find it manually and send it to me at Thanks.

Same here on 2 machines with macOS Sierra: Solution was downgrading Safari 12 back to 11.1.2. It has nothing to do with TotalFinder at all. It was the new Safari in my case.


Thanks Mike - I’ll give that a try

Having googled this problem it seems that it is common with users of Sierra and Safari 12, so my guess is that there is no problem with TotalFinder, and it seems we have to wait for a fix to Safari 12.

Downgrading Safari looks tricky. What was your solution Mike?

I followed the solution from a guy named AsburyParkJoe in this thread:

It is #11. He did it under HighSierra, but it works for Sierra, too. The link to the download of Safari 11.1.2 is dead. You have to google for “Safari11.1.2Sierra.pkg” to find the install package.

Thanks Mike . . I’ll see if I can do it. If not, just have to hope for an Apple fix.