Finder don't show new files

Hi All,
in the last days my mac have started to don’t update file created from other app.
If I copy a file in a new folder I can see it, if a copy from command line I don’t see it!, the
only way was removing or adding a file in folder this refresh the folder and show the hidden files!

Someone have an idea what is the cause or what I can do to solve it?
there are some option in total finder to solve it?


I have just tested different scenarios on my 10.9.3 system with TotalFinder 1.6:

  1. Normal folder in Icon View
  2. Normal folder in List View
  3. Normal folder in Column View
  4. Normal folder in Cover Flow View
  5. Desktop

In all cases I used and executed “touch somerandomname.txt” and checked that the new file really appeared in the Finder view immediately.

I think your issue could be related to network drives. Is there anything special about the folders you work with? How did you copy the files? Using system cp from command-line?