Finder repetitive crash/restart cycle with Total Terminal 1.4.5, google drive & 10.9 Mavericks

total terminal 1.4.5 causes massive finder restart in mac os x Mavericks 10.9, conflicting with google drive 1.12, i believe. will there be a further update to solve these issues? causes Finder to crash & restart every 15 seconds or so. see my gist, here —

and see the apple support communities thread here —

uninstalling total terminal solves this.

again, will there be an update to total terminal to fix this? if so, when may we expect it?

please advise.

— faddah
portland, oregon

Yep, this is a better place for discussing the issue than blogpost comments. Thank you for detailed reporting.

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ok, so - is there a fix in the works? will 1.4.6 beta fix this? please advise.

— faddah
portland, oregon

No, 1.4.6 does not fix that probably.

To fix the issue, please pause/quit Google Drive.

so the only choice is to choose between TotalTerminal 1.4.5 and Google Drive?

— faddah
portland, oregon

This is just a temporary situation. Either I or they will fix it soon. I didn’t get any diagnostics reports back from affected users yet, I don’t know what went wrong.

sorry i’ve been out of touch. what diagnostics do you need and how do i get them and then get them to you?

— faddah
portland, oregon

I believe this has been resolved on Google Drive side. I don’t hear about this continuous crashing anymore…


in which version of google drive is it fixed? i’m running google drive for mac os x version 1.12.5329.1887. please advise. thank you in advance.

1.12 should be fine. The problem was caused by beta 2.0

1.12.5329.1887 of Google Drive is the version i had issues with your Total Terminal. i never updated to GD 2.0 beta. :frowning:

any suggestions here? i don’t wish to reinstall Total Terminal if there are still issues. have you tested against Google Drive 1.12.5329.1887 with your current Total Terminal and Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, please? please advise.

any word on my response above, please?

I’m sorry. I have nothing. I don’t see complaints from other users.