Finder sidebar missing

After the update to 1.5.22, my finder sidebar is missing. The only way I have found to restore it is uninstalling totalfinder, then I can right click the title bar and select ‘show toolbar’ and the sidebar returns.

CMD+OPT+T and CMD+OPT+S should always work. I’m going to track those sidebar issues and fix them once for all. I just need more time.

Put me down for a +1 on the sidebar issue. I cannot use command-option-S either but apparently command-option-T for ‘show toolbar’ also brings up the sidebar.

It doesn’t do it all the time but once in a while when I open a new tab with command-t I get a window with no sidebar. I have restarted the Finder sometimes and then restarted TotalFinder and I was able to ‘show sidebar’.

Now that I know ‘show toolbar’ works I will try using that instead when I get one of these windows again. I will report back my findings.

Happy Day!