Finder/totalfinder popping up too often

Finder/Totalfinder keeps popping up every 5 mins. What’s going on and what can do to stop that behaviour?

What do you mean by popping? A Finder/TotalFinder window is being brought to front?

Try to force-quit via CMD+OPT+ESC and run without TotalFinder for a while to observe if this is actually related to TotalFinder. Some other app/script might be activating Finder behind your back.

Do you have the “option” + “option” command enabled to engage visor? I have noticed that it will pop up on occasion when I am using option as a hotkey and hit it twice in a row by mistake. I disabled this function and haven’t had any other issues.

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Finder still keeps popping up without any provocation. Please advise on a way to stop it so it could behave normal.

Well. It is really difficult for me to suggest anything because I don’t know the source of this behaviour. TotalFinder should not keep popping under normal circumstances.

Did you try it with basic Finder without TotalFinder running?