FireQuery breaks JS in Firefox 33

FireQuery (v1.4.1) seems to break JS execution since Firefox 33 (33.0a2) when opening Firebug (tested versions 2.0.2 / 2.0.3) for me; everything works fine on Firefox 32 with the same profile.


  • open with no Firebug instance open
  • hover over the top logo “heise online” > the navigation should open
  • activate Firebug
  • hover over the top logo “heise online” > the navigation doesn’t open anymore

Thread in Firebug groups:!topic/firebug/8ne5XjUubGA



Spend half a day hitting the wall until I disabled FireQuery.
But in my case it has nothing to do with FireBug.
FireBug itself does not affect JS


Same here!

FireQuery breaks JS with FF33+
As @Eugene_Kubovsky I was going crazy than I disabled FireBug extensions one-by one and after I disabled FireQuery the problem was solved.
Please repair FQ.


Another confirm. First blamed FireBug but after checking my error console I saw this error:
TypeError: this.__FireQueryShared is undefined firequery.js:665

Also can confirm this. Upgraded to FF33 and JS was broken in many places. Posted on Firebug forum:!msg/firebug/lNuGov5VTqo/6IHzakQ7zcsJ

Others also finding that if you disabled the Firequery add on JS works correctly.


The same thing. I’ve noticed that the bug is associated with rewriting jQuery object. console.log($(‘body’)) will show array object in console from the javascript file. But once the page finished loading, typing $(‘body’) in console, will return jQuery object (normal behavior)

Same for me.
FF 35 NOW !

I have the same problem with (at least) two pages. they run well until I open up Firebug, then:

jQuery Quicksand plugin demo page (totally crashes)
jQuery Slider plugin (all sliders freeze)

I opened Firebug Browser console and catched this error message on both pages:

TypeError: this.__FireQueryShared is undefined - firequery.js:665:20

This error is reproducible at any time.

I have Firebug 2.0.9 and FireQuery 1.4.1 under FF 37.0.2 on a regularly updated Win 8.1 Pro x64.

Thank you for reporting. FireQuery project was transferred to Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko. He has been building a new version of FireQuery from scratch.

I have personally moved all my web development to Chrome and have no longer an incentive to continue developing this plugin for Firefox.
FYI, personally I have also switched to ClojureScript + Om + React.js. So I no longer use jQuery for anything. I have been building missing tools for ClojureScript devs instead:

Oh I didn’t know that, thanks for your reply. I’ll post him my bug report.

Thanks for your reply. Will check out the new Git repo.