FireQuery on OSX breaks Zurb Foundation5 reveal

As this took me more than 2 days of cursing (you really don’t want to know what I tried to get to this point :)) I finally figured out that it was not my code that was the problem but the fact that I have FireQuery installed.

I just wanted to point this out here, as I really like the add-on and would love to re-enable it.

More details on StackOverflow.

For debugging purposes: The exception seems to be triggered when the call gets to the “bindings” function in foundation.js. The line is should_bind_events = !S(this).data(this.attr_name(true)); (In 5.2.1 this would be line 99)

Ah, this sucks :frowning:

Unfortunately I’m not going to fix it anytime soon. I haven’t been doing much web development lately and I hardly keep up to have FireQuery updated with Firefox and Firebug releases.

I wonder what is jQuery version it breaks with. I had to significantly change the way FireQuery works internally with 2.0+ versions. Maybe there is a hope that this affects only older versions. If not… bad luck.

At least I have upvoted your StackOverflow submission :slight_smile:

Hehe, thanks for the upvote.

Unfortunately it’s with the last jQuery version (2.1.0) / Foundation5 (5.2.1) combo (but it was the same with 5.0.3.
If you’re no longer working on the plugin, why not consider making it opensource?
Perhaps it could be directly integrated into Firebug itself.

Perhaps it could be directly integrated into Firebug itself.

Note that this feature is actually already implemented in Firebug via the include() command. jQuery is already available as alias by default, so just call include("jquery") and you’re good to go.
Also added this answer to stackoverflow now.


@SebastianZ: The FireQuery shows the internal jQuery data in the HTML Firebug page. I use it all the time to see if components initialised correctly and so on. I think you might have misunderstood its functionality

You’re right. FireQuery offers more than just allowing you to inject jQuery into the page.

There’s another plugin called Illumunations for Developers, which covers the part of displaying the jQuery data attached to the elements, unfortunately by far not as nice as FireQuery does.

Coming back to your comment about integrating its functionality into Firebug, you should create an enhancement request for this in the Firebug issue tracker, so we can discuss it there.

I’m at least keeping it up-to date. That jQuery 2.0 support was also implemented quite recently. But feel free to fork it and improve it. It has been open-source since day 1:

I had no idea. My apologies :slight_smile: Perhaps I should file a bugreport there as well then in case someone decides to pick it up :slight_smile: