Floating tab bug

Hi. Related to the 3 crash reports below, I made a recording for showing this bug. Please note, it happens sometimes: this is the video that shows it.

I have 2 or more opened tabs. Then I click on a folden to show it content. Now I click fast to another tab, the first tab (with the folder I clicked) keeps grabbed to my cursor and float with my mouse (without pressing any mouse button). The only thing to do is cmd+w and TF crashes.

Related crashes:

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I have exactly the same problem and it is driving me insane! Help would be very appreciated!


I solved disabling Total Finder tabs and using Mac tabs, I hope this bug will be reviewed and fixed soon because TF tabs can be reopened when accidentally closed.

Yeah, that’s an option! Thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a try and see how they behave.

I noticed that I could create another window by dragging a tab out of the window. That is useful sometimes. Perhaps that is what you are doing inadvertently? You might be dragging without intending to do that.

Sorry but it’s something that happens without any mouse click… when I open a folder and the Finder loads a lot of items in a folder (maybe when it sort folders on top, that can require more memory), the tab can be still attached to the cursor. Disabling TF tabs solves this issue but I’m missing the cmd+shift+T feature

Yes! This jut started happening to me last week and I have to restart the Finder each time in order to get rid of that “ghost” window/tab that sticks to my cursor.

How does one enable Mac tabs in OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan)?

Good news! This annoying “ghost window” bug should be fixed in TotalFinder 1.9.2 (beta):

I use 1.9.3 version and this bug not fixed. (

Ah, that’s bad news. Could you give me more info what you did so I could try to reproduce it here?

You can see video on this link. Some times I have “ghost window” bug.

Apparently, there is no video at the end of that video link. I tried going to the page at “Copy Video Location” and also tried downloading it, but there seems to be nothing there.

I can’t reproduced ghost video bug, but you can see another bug on this video )

Thanks for the video(s). This is really interesting. I confirm that sometimes there can be offsetting problem when you quickly drag TotalFinder window via toolbar background.

But TotalFinder has new checking code which should auto-fix it no later than 1s after it happens. It looks like in your case this auto-fix mechanism does not work.