Folder moving bug

The problem I’m going to highlight here has been ongoing for quite a few versions now. It happens to me and all my colleagues, so it not an isolated case.

Background: We create books. We have a Raid Drive that contains all the work we do. When we are working on a project we copy it from the Raid Drive to our local Mac, work on it, and then copy it back to the Raid as it has an automatic cloud backup. We have separate folders on the Raid for each Publisher we work for.

Method: When copying multiple folders from my Mac back to the Raid System, quite often I copy them to a holding folder on the Raid System. Once copied I open the holding folder on the Raid System, and go into Total Finder’s split view window and then move each individual folder to its rightful designated Publisher folder on the Raid System.

Problem: When moving the folders they do not always overwrite the folder they are replacing. Instead they do not move, and the folder that they should have replaced has a lot of the data within the folder missing.

So, if you decide to delete the folder that should have been replaced, you get the message “Files in use” so you can’t delete it. So I have to rename it, and then I can move the folder I want to its rightful place.

I’ve written this bug report as it is really getting on my nerves now!

Thanks for any help or advice in advance.