Folder on Top Issue resolved


I also had the Folder on Top issue but only on one folder (my “Downloads” folder). Interestingly, once I reduced the number of objects (i,e, Files and Folders) in my Downloads folder to below 1000 the problem resolved itself. Folders are now displayed at the top as expected.

Is there a physical limit to the number of folders and files in any one folder that would stop Total Finder from sorting as expected.

Best Regards

Yes, you are right. Good job on pinpointing the issue.

I had to cap it to 1000 for performance reasons, I should display some visual indication, but it wasn’t that easy to implement…

Thanks Darwin - appreciate the feedback.

Cheers Mike

Yes this worked for old version 1.3.4 which I just installed, since it is the newest version I can run on 10.6.8.