Folder on Top with sort by Date Added v 1.5

Folder on Top doesn’t work when you select sort by Date Added ( v 1.5 )


Please fix this is really important i switch back to older version because of this feature …

+1 for this. I’m having this issue too.

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Still same problem here with 1.5.2 and OSX 10.8.5.

“Folders on top” works fine for folders with low content. But folders with a lot of files and sub-folders (as my download folder) are displayed incorrectly when sorted by date added.

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Yes still same issues, please fix … i reverted to 1.4.18 … :frowning:


Upon opening Finder the first time in a session, it appears to work but toggling between different columns (name, date added, etc), breaks the ‘folders on top’ functionality.
1.5.2, OS X 10.8.5 + 10.9

Updated on OSX 10.9. Still the same issues.

Could you please advice will this be fixed soon !!!

I hear you guys. This will be fixed when I get enough time to investigate it (soon).

I siwtched to Xtrafinder till you find solution :frowning: please fix it soon

I have fixed the bug in my codebase. I will release a new TotalFinder version by the end of the week beta channel. I still have to fix some more issues.

1.5.4 made it worse. With “folders on top” and “sort by date” folders with lots of content are now flickering and reloading every second. Can’t use it.


Ah, this is too bad :frowning: And I’ve been unable to reproduce it on my 10.8.5 system so far.

it happen to me right away after i installed 1.5.4 ! please fix it asap <3 thanks

I assume this happens for folders with lot of files. Working on a fix.

Hey guys, I’m sorry for this.

Here is a new version (1.5.5). I believe it is fixed now. Thank you for testing:

It works again. Thank you a lot.

One little aspect I’ve noticed: If you view such a folder with lot of files and sub-folders (i.e. my download folder) and a new file has been added at the same time (i.e. a new download), the entire folder view gets reloaded by Total Finder.

Yes, that is right. I modified the way how folders on top work and this could be a side effect of new solution. I will look what can I do and if I can prevent this situation.

Yes and when i expand folder by right arrow to see the contents its reloaded so i lose the selection focus on the folder ( so i have to press arrows again to select files/folders ) could you please confirm if you understand the issue?

For me, Folders on Top almost works: I use the Visor in Column View mode with Sort by Name and Arrange by Kind. With these settings, Folders are not actually on top - Documents (.doc, .docx, .odt, etc) are on top. Folders are next, followed by everything else. This can pretty annoying when I’m trying to drill down through several folders, each of which has numerous .docx files; I have to constantly scroll down to even get to the next layer of folders.

This has been happening since my upgrade to Mavericks. I was hoping that TF 1.5.5 might fix it, but no dice. Pre-Mavericks, everything worked as expected (Folders were, you know, on top :smile: )