"Folders on top" doesn't work in Sierra

Yesterday i was update to official release Sierra. Totalfinder update too. But “Folders on top” doesn’t work.

There is a folders on top feature build directly into sierra in the finder preferences


Thanks!!! I no longer need TF ever!

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  But it is only in Name and I sort by date modified or size a 

lot and want to preserve the folders on top - which TF did until the recent point release.

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TotalFinder implementation is much better, I sort on date modified regularly also and it is not adequate. I hope TF enhances this in future. Apple has only addressed the most basic of needs.

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You have to wonder what Apple was thinking, but yeah, we hope to bring our FoT implementation back. It’s one of the more difficult/complex features, and prone to breaking with new OS releases.

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Please restore the TotalFinder implementation. I mostly just sort by Date Added and Date Modified and the native Folders on Top feature doesn’t work then.

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I’ll be sure to look into it. Initial analysis, from Antonin, is it will be difficult. Stay tuned.


Yep, naturally they refactored the internals of folder display to implement their “keep folders on top” feature. This basically means starting from scratch and reverse-engineering this again for Sierra-based Finder.

I would second, third, fourth, or whatever number you’d like, about folder display when sorting by date. Please bring back your implementation if possible. It was WAY better than what Apple did.

All too frequently, I sort by date, but want my folders on top.

I can’t live without TotalFinder. :slight_smile:

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It has been a year since Apple released their poor version of Folders on Top.

It has been a year since you removed Folders on Top to accommodate them.

It has been a year since I updated TF because that feature is that important to me and my workflow.

Any luck reverse engineering their changes so you can bring back your far superior implementation?


I gave it a shot but it was too hard to reverse engineer it. They use pretty modern Objective-C/Swift for implementing this new feature and it was hard to hook into.

Well thanks for trying and the response.

Love TF.

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