Folders on top not working in TF 1.9.5?


A long-time TF user returning after a SIP Hiatus…

I am now running 1.9.5 and LOVE having Dual Mode back!

What was most helpful was “Folders on top” and I found this topic “Folders on top” doesn’t work in Sierra that seems to indicate that this is still being worked.

I do see on this page that list a kb shortcut to enable this sort Shift + Command + ;

When I try this when the sort is Data Modified and I do not get “Folders on top”. Is is shortcut not working in 1.9.5?


Great, I’m glad to have you back :slight_smile:

What is your OS? Under Sierra (10.12) I had to disable Folders on Top feature because internal Finder changes prevented my old code from working. And Apple implemented their own system so there is not that much need to reimplement it on TotalFinder side:

I am on Sierra 10.12.5 and I just disabled the Finder “Keep folders on top when sorting by name” with no change to the expected sort behavior.

The reason I loved the old implementation was that I could be in Date modified sort and folders would still be on top…

Yeah, it is a bit limited. Many people complained about it already.

Let’s wait for next macOS presented at WWDC. Chances are that they improve this function in next release. Then I will reconsider it.

Copy that. I will turn the Finder feature back on and sit tight until WWDC.

FYI here is my top 5 list of must have OS X apps and why:

  1. (tie) Total Finder and Dual Mode. Way better implementation that PathFinder or CommanderOne as it is embedded in native Finder.
  2. (tie) BetterTouchTool for window resizing and dealing with the hugely annoying ESC key on the MBP touch pad…replaced Spectacle and/or BetterSnapTool
  3. Butler for many helpful things
  4. Owly (like Caffeine) for keeping the screen awake
  5. WindowMizer for old school window shade effect
  6. LiteSwitch X for additional app switching features
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Hi there,

Long time TF user here.

I use FoT so much I won’t upgrade past version 1.8.0, the last version with your implementation in it. I know, crazy!

Anyway, it’s been a while since you addressed this. Any chance you’ve been able to work on reverse engineering it?

Your implementation of FoT is way more useful than Apple’s.

I haven’t updated to High Sierra from Sierra yet. Going to give it more time.

Thanks for keeping TF going.

I know we are past 1.9.7 (I am current 1.10.7) however still very interested in getting Folders on Top working again. Any chance of this coming back?