Folders on Top Performance

Folders on top adds a very noticeable lag every time you access a folder (500 ms or so on a top of the line mbpro). I experience this in column view. Is there any way to optimize this?

Can you download and test this version?

I confirm I have introduced some performance degradation in 1.7.11 to fix sorting issues.

First! Oh man…

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m afraid the improvement is marginal with this build. There’s still a pretty noticeable delay. Same goes for column width, by the way.


And is slow as well for you? That was the last version prior my attempts to fix the sorting and introduced some display delays.

1.7.10 is quite fast, almost no delay, except a bit of a white flash between views (getting rid of that would be great too!).

screencap here:

Thanks for the testing. I will probably introduce a switch. For people who want 1.7.10 speed and can live with potential folders-on-top sorting issues. I cannot deliver both at this point :disappointed:

adding the flashing frame/frame for good measure:

I’m not sure I see the flashing frame. I see the right most column appear then resize. Is that what you’re referring to?

frame 1
previous folder with content

frame 2
new folder selected, column without content (white flash)

frame 3
new folder selected, with content and large column size

frame 4
new folder selected, with content and resized column

Ideally, the transition should go from frame 1 to frame 4 directly. At high speed, frame 3 makes it look like the folder contents are “flashing” because it transitions to white before updating.