Former totalfinder using, trying again os 10.12

I am an advanced Mac user (so AppleCare tells me) and I find the Finder that comes with the Mac a sorry state of affairs. For me, the finder is the bones of the User’s computer structure and knowing where files are, sorting them into proper folders and subfolders brings order to an otherwise chaotic approach of dumping every file into “All My Files”.

4 years ago I purchased TotalFinder (TF) with Friends but then with the so-called upgrades in the OS I ended up with the inability to use TF. So I found PathFinder which I felt was not as wonderful as TF but at least it as far better then the generic Now I see that TF is compatible with Sierra and High Sierra. I have a few questions:

  1. Can I use any of the finder apps (generic, TF, pathfinder as needed and not have any interference between them while I am seeing if TF will supplant PathFinder?

  2. Does my TF with Friends purchase in Nov 2014 allow me to upgrade to the new TF version or do I need to purchase a new subscription?

  3. Can I downloaded a full manual re TF as a PDF?


  1. I don’t know, but TF’s feature set is quite a bit smaller than PF. It is a finder supplement, not replacement.

  2. Support the developer. $12 every four years isn’t much.

  3. The instructions are on the website here: A manual is not needed.