Free Form Visor does not retain vertical position on show/hide

This is similar to Feature Request - option to make Free Form Visor window immobile but wanted to distinguish as I think the request is slightly different.

When showing/hiding the free form visor, the horizontal positioning is preserved, however the vertical position is reset to the bottom of the screen. Would it be possible to allow it to retain both horizontal and vertical to allow for a true floating window to be shown/hidden.

As an addendum, I absolutely love your products, they are essential to my workflow and without them I don’t know if I could stand using a Mac. If there is any way I can contribute more meaningfully than just purchasing licenses please let me know.

I just tested your scenario and it makes sense. I see no reason why freeform window with disabled sliding and fading should not retain exact screen position (it should not move to the bottom screen edge on activation).

It probably has some historical reasons. Freeform window was introduced as a hack anyways.
I’m quite confident that not many people use this settings combination. So I’m willing to change the default behaviour in this scenario and add a terminal plist tweak to return to the old (current) behaviour. I don’t think many people will get back to me requesting it.

I’m not actively working on TotalFinder but when I get back to TotalFinder development I will implement this. I will be no later than around WWDC (beginning of July) when I should work on porting TotalFinder under developer preview of new macOS release.