Freelance Windows removed from last build

I have a question: I saw in the last version the “Freelance windows” option has been removed. Now, I’m really accustomed to open new windows as… new windows, rather than tabs (when I need a tab I create it).
Is there a technical reason why you removed the option? Is it still available in some other way (e.g. hacking the .plist)? Please note that the documentation still mentions that option, so this is rather confusing.

Yes, I confirm I removed it.

I will reintroduce it in the next version 1.13.2.

In the meantime you can run this in (and restart Finder):

defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDontMakeTabs -bool YES

or to remove it:

defaults delete com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDontMakeTabs

The “Freelance Windows” option is back again in preferences UI in TotalFinder 1.13.2: